Each week I post a question that relates to the topic of the community (entrepreneurship), and the winner/s gets points and sometimes even a prize (usually food delivery 🤤).

I update the scores, profiles pics and names manually in a Canva site that I created (see the picture)

I thought it would be cool to automate the process and promote it to other community managers. These posts gain a lot of engaging, and reach almost all of the group members. Communities are now booming, Facebook are going to invest a lot in that area, and engagement is everything.

What would the product look like?

  1. An admin adds the Facebook app to the group
  2. A simple webpage is created (like my Canva site) with all the group members at level 0
  3. When an admin wants to give a member score for their correct answer they can just tag the member and add + number (E.g. @Leonardo DiCaprio + 15) and the website will automatically update their score and rank accordingly.

After that is released and gains users we could limit new users to 3 rounds, and certain amount of commotions in a group and then they’ll have to pay to continue using it.

Also, we could connect between businesses that would like to provide prizes in exchange for marketing in the group. I did it by emailing ones that I thought

And at even later phase, suggest questions according to the topic + a fitting prize.

An example question that I posted with a prize: How many pizza’s does Jeff Bezos think should satisfy meeting members that’s sized well?

The winners received scores and one even a pizza delivery that I managed to get for free in exchange for the promotion of the pizza place.

There isn’t something like this,searched all over. If you’re a developer that’s interested in partnering to create this awesome product lmk! Will be a hit in product hunt and communities!

The site: